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    I just wanted to give a shout out to our member dsflashcart and his website

    I really hadn't messed around too much with the handheld systems until just recently. Bought a used DS Lite for one of my two daughters (ages 6 and 4), kind of like a test to see how well she could handle the responsibility of having her own system. Being a noob at the whole flashcart thing, I asked dsflashcart what exactly I should be looking for. He promptly answered my questions and told me exactly what I needed. Less than seven days later I was setting up the flashcart he sent me with assistance from his posts on our forum and a video from his website. I was so impressed with how easy it was that I decided to buy another DSL for my other daughter, and once again received my flashcart seven days later.

    The whole point in me writing this up is because it was a bit unnerving not knowing 100% who to trust to get a good flashcart, or what the heck I was even doing. It was really nice to be able to to talk to dsflashcart directly. Its not often you can actually interact with someone on the other end of a website that you are buying something from. And I have to give him a lot of credit for not flaming me for my noob questions lol.

    So if anyone is looking for a flashcart from a reliable source, I can say from firsthand experience that is the place to go. The price was good, shipping was fast, and the customer service was outstanding. Having someone who is an active member of this forum and supports their products is invaluable!

    And if you are trying to figure out what card you need to get or any other info, start by checking out his post HERE.

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    bummer, forgot about dsflashcart and his site, should of checked here first instead of hitting up my usual spot in Canuckistan. just ordered a gateway 3DS seeing as they finally getting the multigame support going on.
    Being a noob at the whole flashcart thing
    you are n00b anyways jizzle...

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    To add to this a bit. Excellent guy, I also obtained a DSi card from him. My only concern was what firmware to use (documentation is sparse, and that's being kind --- note: not a vendor shortcoming, but a manufacturer one). I knew I could hit'em up with some questions, but having experience with an Acekard 2I and being savvy enough to use google, problem solved (Wood firmware 1.64 in case anyone needs to know). Both of my kids switched to DSis due to the ever-present finite lifespan of DSL hinges. The younger one inherited the AK2I card.

    Solid product, solid guy --- my 12 year old's revitalized interest spurred me to action.

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