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Thread: Help!!! I have no idea how to make an informative thread title or post!!!

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    Help!!! I have no idea how to make an informative thread title or post!!!

    I was able to get the Homebrew channel using the Letterbomb method but I cannot do anything else every time I try to load Wad installer or Usb loader or anything else it freezes and my Wiimote loses sync I have tried to use a wired game cube controller still no help ....if anyone can tell me what I can do to get it all working

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    Sorry, the WiiHacks crystal ball is offline at the moment, so our mind reading capabilities are somewhat diminished. Are you following a guide to do what you are doing or are you just winging it? And there is no such thing as an app called "Wad installer", so no idea what wad app you are using. Same goes for "Usb loader". There are quite a few different ones so that doesn't tell us much.

    The only advice I can give you without knowing anything at all really about your situation is the same advice that everyone else gets. Go follow the Softmod ANY Wii Guide, link is below in my sig. After that if you have any more issues, make sure you are a LOT more descriptive in explaining them.

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    Sorry I Wasn't more Informative....I used the Letterbomb method but there was no further guide on what to do >...I had another Wiii hacked in the past and I tried to do what I did then to load stuff I will turn the Wii back on later and get the name of the apps I was trying to use ....I was just trying to get an answer on why none of the apps was loading

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    See the Softmod Any Wii guide linked in my signature for a guide to tell you what to do from there.
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    So this falls under "winging it," and an excellent way to mung up your Wii. Follow the guide you've been instructed to (twice now, a third time if you count this post). And if you don't get "sig" or anything (in terms of what the others have said), here's the obligatory link. Your next post --- which should go in there --- better have evidence of your reading it first, rather than blindly regurgitating the same question(s).


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