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Thread: Which Chip do I have?

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    Question Which Chip do I have?

    Hey guys!

    My lil sis wanted to play mario party 9 which contained a update. She did the update because she couldn't play if she didn't. (not that she could when she did the update..). The error that I am getting is error 001 or something. Some games do still work but with some it says cant read the disk. I searched around on the internet and maybe its the chip I need to update. So I opened up my wii and saw the chip. I dont know what kind of chip it is but I bought the wii in 2007/8 from someone and it was already hardmodded. I hope that someone can help me. I am thinking of wiikey 1?


    already figured it out. It is a Wiikey 1.

    But still getting error 001 after updating the chip to v1.99 Beta -_-.

    The error 001 was probably because of a bad burn on the cd. Burned it again and worked like a charm .
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    Thanks for the tip. And sorry for multiposting. Didnt meant to do any harm. Wont do it again.

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