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Thread: How "seperated" are Wii U / Virtual Wii portions of the OS?

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    How "seperated" are Wii U / Virtual Wii portions of the OS?

    Hey guys, i'll delete this topic when i'm done (if that's possible?) as i think it's probably pretty cut-and-dry...

    I have modded tons of wii's in the past, but always knew i could get the console alone for like $60 if i made a mistake and bricked it, so it wasn't a big deal...although it never happened.

    my question is: if modding the virtual wii, can one brick their Wii U entirely? i don't know much about the Wii u but it seemed to operate like a i wasn't sure exactly what cios' and other files are shared between the two. If an error occured and i were to brick it, would it be just the wii side or both? (if it's possible to answer that)

    If the answer is yes, but only if you delete or modify a wiiU-only cios then i'll probably be comfortable with that... as i don't intend to mess with them. my worry was mainly with any shared CIOS' or other things being altered during the process that might effect the wii-u side. thanks a lot!

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    As far as I am aware it is separate from the Wii U side and so if u were to brick u would only lock yourself out of the virtual wii side of things. Check out the Vwii guide

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    Thanks a lot pob3008 . i'm reading the guide but have yet to find mention of's kinda specific so i wasn't expecting to find it but i am still looking.

    anyone else with input is always appreciated!

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    I would guess the same as pob considering that a Wii U update doesn't (at least yet) affect the vWii modding. So they seem to be separate. I would guess that if you brick vWii, the Wii U will still function.
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    I've seen a number of reports on other forums that confirm this (ie, bricking the vWii doesn't kill the entire system). I've also seen people say their bricked vWii was mysteriously fixed with the next Wii U update. Still, I don't recommend bricking your vWii, try your best to avoid it.

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