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Thread: MAME issues

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    MAME issues

    I show the latest version as 1.0 and I am going off of the compatibility list for the Wii to make sure that I use working ROMs, but I have a few problems. I have a working MAME cabinet that I built and I want those ROMs to work on the Wii in the MAME emulator. The issues are: 1) you have to manually configure the controller to work so you can insert coins, you do this every time you boot. 2) I have games that are locking up that are on the compatible list. 3) How do you exit once you are in, right now I have to shutdown every time. 4) These are ROMs I received from MAME a while ago, but appear to be the same files you would use in the Wii emulator, however I can't find any others to compare so I was wondering if anyone can confirm this? Any help you can give would be great and thank you in advance for your time.

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    Hi mate what control are you using? Also there are many different versions/releases of mame roms some will work better with different versions of mame and for roms like neo geo roms you have to install additional software to play them, as for the insert coin problem it should be the same button on the control everytime if your using the wii mote.

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    What additional software is needed for neogeo? Could you enlighten me please?
    Select button is the coin in button on mame, start usually gets you to a menu where you can exit your games.
    I know this thread is old but how did you get on with that cabinet and the wii?? I've done a bit of research and from what I can gather putting the wii in a cabinet is very tricky due to controller issues and hardware!! Would be very interested to know how it went.


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