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Thread: Hacked wii wont play burned games?

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    Hacked wii wont play burned games?

    Hello all,

    Haven't been in the Wii hacking scene In awhile, was just wondering, I got a friends Wii here and It's a gamecube/wii with the ports and mem card slots so It's one of the first Wii's, anyway I went through this guide the wii Is a 4.1u Wii.

    So I can play backed up, er, Wiiware that Installs just fine, USB loader works fine but backups on a DVD-R does not? Iv got a fully hacked wii right beside It and It plays all my backups but when I put the same one In, and go to Neogamma It lol says DVD+R?/ Bad burn?/ too new DVD drive?

    Was wondering how can I play my backed up DVD-r's.

    The guide I went through, I followed completely and installed the 30 CIOS wads and all the apps It provides, no error's occurred what so ever.

    Please give a guy a few pointers.

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    Have you searched the drive chip data base. Have you run a syscheck both will give you info regarding your wii's abillity to play DVD game backups.
    search the site for info, not at home to forward you links sorry

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    Thanks for responding!

    My serial Is LU73989759 9 and this is what drive chip database says

    Wii Model number and video region

    Serial number: LU73989759

    The Wii has a RVL-001(USA) model number and is produced for Mexico/Canada/USA. The copyright year is 2006.

    DVD drive and chipset features

    Your drive most likely has the following chipset:

    There is a 50% chance the chipset is Combined GC2-D3 with no drive chip.
    And there is also a 25% chance the chipset is GC2R-D2A.
    Lastly, a 25% chance the chipset is GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip.

    Lol no drive chip? It's before 2009 so It should work. Unless my friend picked out a very wrong wii for hacking.

    I used the Syscheck v1.6.2 but It keeps locking up, when It says testing IOS vulnerabilites...please wait... get's stuck at about 90% freezes the Wii. but before the lock up It says:

    System menu v5449 running under IOS58 (rev) 6176 hollywood v0x21 Boot2 v4 console ID 92107941.
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    Have a look at this there is a newer version of syscheck. Syscheck v2.1.0 Beta 19

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    Not sure how GC ports makes this "one of the first Wiis," since the initial batch til sometime... early this year? late last year? that they ditched those ports. And just how do you pull 2009 out of thin air? They started the D3-2 run (no drive chips) in about the last quarter or half of 2008.


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