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Thread: Problem when updating with D2PROG

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    Problem when updating with D2PROG

    Hi all,

    I've a D2PRO v3, 9 wires, with a PCB from Wiisilon. The chip works fine in my wii, however I have the eject issue. I bought a D2PROG to update my chip (I also updated with the dvd). When trying to update the chip with the D2PROG I have the following msg: "no chip detected". But everything is connected fine, and I tried on different computers...
    Does someone already encounter the same problem ?


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    I had the same problem with my d2pro but it was not ver 3, I had to use an old laptop to get it to see my d2pro because it would not see it on any of my pc. But can't you just update from disk with ver 3? Not sure if you can or not?


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