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Thread: homebrew and you!

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    homebrew and you!

    Since, its happening again.... *admiral vic youre such a Ba***rd, not everyone is a wii god like you, so st*u and just help me you ***....*

    i decided to make a post about it for everyone new to see *and hopefully read*

    Homebrew Channel or HBC is a AMAZINGLY useful tool for everyone, and with that you can make the wii atleast 10 times better! also the fact that its FREE makes it sexy for everyone... but that is a Fallacy (yays using fancy words now =p)


    even though i dont believe ANYONE whom has said this in a post, the average person whom searchs puts in 2 - 3 hours of work, figuring out a problem *they say hours so 2 - 3 is the max i think we can apply here, i do think maybe some do but thats just me*

    lets apply it to this Chart... ill be using Canada mods, blockbuster, and Bestbuy for the Price guide...

    in this case, we will assume you have NOTHING REQUIRED IN EITHER CASE *except a Phillips screwdriver because who doesnt own one xD*

    • DriveKey *since it works on every wii, and is solderless* 80 usd
    • triwing screwdriver 9 usd
    • Final price 89 usd + tax

    Homebrew channel
    • 2 gig SD card 14 usd
    • SD card adapter 10 usd
    • legend of zelda 10 usd
    • Final price 34 USD + tax

    so right now homebrew is ahead by 55 usd *rounding up by current numbers =P*

    Minimal Wage in the state of Michigan is 7.50 usd *last i looked*
    so people spend lets say....
    30 mins learning how to install it: 3.75 usd
    1 hour learning what you should and shouldnt do: 7.50 usd
    since no one is perfect lets say.. 2 hours searching/waiting on a problem: 15 usd
    you got a out of region wii and you want it in region so thats like 1.5 hours figuring it out, and maybe fixing a problem: 11.25 usd
    now, you get all things but gamma done... so lets say you spend 5 hours searching, fixing, doing, and working on getting it right...: 37.50 usd
    and ofc you get a error with a game so 1 hour fixing it: 7.50 usd
    and lets toss in 2 hours for all other problems: 15 usd
    Final price of all the side work in terms of job hours: 97.50 usd in time to install soft modding...

    now Modchip time
    installing the chip, and learning how to do it 30 mins *its just cliping you dont even need a guide =P*: 3.75 usd
    done... you can put in additional time for homebrew.. but its not required since you can for the most part be perfectly fine with just this ammount of time, but lets say you want to get 100% of your wii... so 2 hours for homebrew stuffs: 15 usd
    final price of all side work in terms of job hours: 18.75 usd

    now Final round up price
    Modchip: 108.75 usd *+ some tax in there, but thats based off where you live so its not gonna be considered*
    Softmodding: 131.50 usd *+ some tax in there, but thats based off where you live so its not gonna be considered*

    now modchip can be MUCH cheaper, but the softmodding really cant almost everyone will spend countless hours looking into the answers and such to problems where as modchip just really works =P

    now modchip is almost stress free, once it works you dont really need to worry about things like firmware, you lose minimal ammounts of stuff ESP on newer ones like Wasabi which block updates so on and so forth... also if you brick your sotmodded wii you pay more to fix it

    modchip to fix a banner brick: .10 cents *for a disc =P*
    softmod to fix a banner brick: 50 usd + and maybe a savemii so 20 more usd XD so 70...

    the whole point in this isnt that in theory HBC being cheaper is a fallacy its more that.. if you cant search, and learn youre WASTING SERIOUS AMMOUNTS OF CASH! *this is mostly fueled by people not searching*

    since people, say im overly harsh on people whom want to just learn... most people dont search and just ask, so youre waiting maybe 4 - 6 hours just for a person maybe to solve your issue =\... like the error 002 guy who said he searched, when i typed in just error 002 in google *since he used that* and the fix was #2 for the wiihacks site fix, and #6 for another site... since the average user doesnt apply this effort, youre just gonna make INSANES ammount of wasted time...

    i hope people see this, and maybe make the choice right for them!

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    Can I get a refund on my softmod?

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    you cant tell me im wrong xD i mean the serious end user uses up that much time

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    At this point and time I agree 100% with you about hardware vs software mods. Hardware is definitely the way to go. Of course I don't mind reading and playing so thats why I personally am playing around with softmodding. I will get around to buying a chip when I get bored with this.

    The refund remark as you could tell was my ill fated attempt at humor. LOL

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    Factor in that some people will actually buy Legend of Zelda and not rent it and the price becomes even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeshie View Post
    Factor in that some people will actually buy Legend of Zelda and not rent it and the price becomes even more.
    yes and no, i thought i wouldnt be TOO extreme on what i did, since a lot of people also borrow it, and or steal it =P


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