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Thread: banging my head on homebrew

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    banging my head on homebrew

    ok so i have had a few issues, can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong here..

    i got homebrew installed on the Wii fine, as well as the assosciated boot setup (which doesnt seem to work) either way i can get to the homebrew channel via the wii homescreen fine. It lists WiiMC in there and it seems to load fine.

    but when i try to add a network share it says initializing network when i try to access it and carries on doing that forever.

    i had a problem with the homebrew channel as well, i just kept getting an error (error -6) when it was trying to initialise the webserver used for the channel.

    what the hell am i doing wrong here; some people said that a newer .boot file solves the channel problem but it didnt, so i tried to go around it by just downloading WiiMC manually onto the card. The Wii is connected top the network fine so i am not sure whats going on..

    any ideas?

    regards, J

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    Did you use our guide to mod your Wii? or someone else's? If not ours, we would recommend that you remod your system using our guide as a first step, which does tend to solve silly problems because other guides are not as complete. See the softmod Any Wii guide linked in my signature.

    If you did follow that guide, post a syscheck (also in my signature) so we can make sure you followed it right and may lead to other ideas.

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