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Thread: oo2 error

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    oo2 error

    hi i have a chiped wii wiikey i think i can't play backups on it geting error 002
    can i install hbc and backup channel on it and will my back up work done searches but with no look

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    BS you didnt do searchs -.- dont lie to me its unbecomming

    just install IOS 38, 53, 55

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    i always searchs on google its quicker but thanks for replying so quick what do you mean install 38 53 55 not done the wiikey update will that sort it do you have a good link

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    man youre so full of ****ing ****

    error 002, NOT EVEN WII error 002 JUST ERROR 002

    link #2
    Error #002 fix! - Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community
    since i recently downloaded Hitman reborn blah blah i got error #002, once i got this i decided to find the fix, this error i guess started at Animal. - 103k -

    so yeah, you really searched -rolls my eyes-

    you install them via homebrew, please put in some effort, im not gonna hand you every answer

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    just one more thing will it be ok to update my wiikey with 1.9 update please

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    sorry its error #001 i have will the update brick the wii

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    update the chip to 1.9, if you update to 3.4 *since i think thats your question* nothing, but you cant play fake signed games...

    but you can update to 1.9 and thats the fix

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    yes on fw 3.4 my game show up on the wii but when i go to load them the error comes up and is the update hard to do and can i brick it and thanks you are the best

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    if it wont work, you can downgrade to 3.2, and then install it


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