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Thread: Hacking the Xbox 360 question

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    Hacking the Xbox 360 question

    I am trying to figure out if my Xbox 360 white is good to hack any help with where to start is appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kane84 View Post
    I am trying to figure out if my Xbox 360 white is good to hack any help with where to start is appreciated
    Hey amigo did you still need this answered? Either way I will answer just in case. I have been modding in some way ever since the late 80s when my original Nintendo leads bent and I had to blow on the cartridge to get it to I will shoot it to you straight, no chaser.

    Well compadre, that is a loaded question and I do not know your knowledge level so I will keep it between 3.3 volts and 12 volts okay bad joke, moderator please demerit me haha, but hey when you get to the point of understanding how bad, yet applicable that was you will be on your way there. I knew nothing at one point and through the help of other folks and my willingness to learn, I know a lot now. So my friend off the top you need to be 100% certain on:

    1. What motherboard board you have.
    2. What DVD drive type you have.
    3. Your budget
    4. Your time

    There are 5 for the Phat decks and the most common configuration is Jasper/Liteon. Many of the Xenon's have overheated. There are pictorial tut's everywhere. Try googling "identify xbox 360 motherboard" and sort by "images" and I know there is a sweet schematic that is easy to follow. The Wikipedia page for xbox 360 hardware" has this stuff.

    The type of power socket in the back of the console coupled with the color and look of the DVD wires and tray molding will give you 100% what you have. This is important because there are 5 motherboards out there and 4 DVD drives for the phats. If you have a Jasper board you are better off than with a Xenon, etc. Falcon and Jasper do not overheat nearly at all compared to Xenon and Zephyr. Xenon and Opus do not have HDMI jacks in the back.

    The same is for the DVD type, you will need to determine the type as some are easy to flash and some like Hitachi and the one that everyone loves, the Liteon, have a somewhat intricate extraction process involved. You will also need to get the dashboard type which you can get from the settings tab in NXE (NXE or New Xbox Experience menu). It is on the same menu as the storage settings just go to the bottom. The console ID is in there too.

    This is important because Microsoft squashed the ability to run unsigned code after kernel 7371 (off top of my head). We are on 16547 right now so the chances of finding one never updated online is tough or pricey. Side note: the folks that discovered the exploit told Microsoft about it soon after discovery. Later on another glitch called RGH 1, our saving grace, and subsequent offshoots of RJTAG, RGH 2,, really are quite innovative. The RGH family is likely where your unit will end up if you choose to do it.

    FYI, much like cellular phones, the Wii is a gift that spoils us for sure as you can do anything just by using software only to implement fundamental change. The xBox 360 has no pure start to finish operating system modifications via software only. In fact, the only way to truly use an HDD for all of your games, run emulators, apps, etc is to crack that white xbox 360 open and reconfigure the motherboard and other ancillary circuitry using chip sets made to work their way into and circumvent the OS.

    Unless you are schooled in soldering and/or are technically savvy, I would suggest going on Craigslist or even have someone on a reputable game forum that is trusted by many do this stuff for you. There are plenty of websites that offer the hardware to make a pretty nice setup. Even with Craigslist, you really need to know what you are doing. I bought an original RGH once and made them turn it on to make sure the Xell title screen came on and I could see the DVD key, etc and the see it go into Freestyle dash and XBLA stealth mode as they had advertised. Most people are selling banned ones so if you care about playing on xbox live either get a dual boot setup, have two decks, one legit and one glitch, or just don't mess with it on your glitched console. I will say it again, don't go online with the glitched console if you care at all about xbox live.

    If you have a background in the intricacies and nuances of hard modifications then take the plunge as a hobby. It is worth it as it is rewarding, you need patience and cash. It took me 2 months to completely learn to hard mod and solder properly back in the day and that was before youtube. Once you do though you can really open up things. Anyhow, I guess the traffic jam is moving now so best be driving. Good luck. - just1fix-


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    Timely answer, considering it's three and a half months after the question was asked

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    Hey I like this place no demerits for bad jokes! Maybe I'll hang out in this section and field the occasional question. You know no matter how much I mess with 360 and PS3 I still like come back to trying to get Soul Calibur 2 to play flawlessly on my black Wii


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