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Thread: Is My Wii Bricked?

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    Is My Wii Bricked?

    Hi everybody. Not sure if i'm posting in the right place.
    Feel free to correct.
    Not sure what's going on but maybe i damaged my system somehow.
    Never seen a bricked system before, but this is what happened.
    I went through the "soft mod any Wii" with no problem all the way till the "Priiloader" part.
    And then a message poped up "your Wii System Memory is full. Use the data management screen to manage your save data".
    But when i checked there was hardly much data saved. And even when i deleted almost all of it - nothing changed. still the same message.
    Please help

    PS. This is a black 4.3U Wii that I downgraded to 4.1U (in the process of modding)[/FONT]
    And I do have the NAND back up saved on my PC - if that helps
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    User resolved his issue (by getting counsel in the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide), thread closed.

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