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Thread: Microsoft Feels the Pressure of Nintendo's First Party Titles

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    Microsoft Feels the Pressure of Nintendo's First Party Titles

    So as we all know Nintendo released 3 major titles on the same day as Xbox One's launch and according to this story Microsoft apparently lost some sales to Nintendo :P

    Good move on Nintendo's part.

    Microsoft Trying to Stop People In Line for Xbox One From Buying Super Mario 3D World Instead

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    During E3 in June when Nintendo had a Best Buy Demo station at select stores, there were Microsoft employees (or at least people representing them) trying to talk people out of the Nintendo games.

    Dude, if we're willing to spend 90-120 min in a line for 5 min of gameplay, we're already Nintendo fans.

    So I'm not surprised that Microsoft would be at it again.
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    I know I'm a little late to the ballgame here, but that's a pretty awesome article. It did strike me a little odd, however, and I thought it was fake for a few seconds. When I got to the first quote from the Microsoft employee, it seemed strange to me how he worded that he was going to go home and play Mario. He's all like, "Yeah, I made some extra cash from Microsoft so I'm gonna buy a Nintendo game". I realize the article isn't fake, it just surprised me, haha.


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