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Thread: rip went fine but....

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    Thumbs up rip went fine but....

    ok so i installed gecko os, ios37 64 2070 blah blah blah end result is the game loaded fine. it played without loading hbc though (i have a chip installed). i thought ripping /burning in this method required you to load the game through hbc? in fact hbc doesnt reconize the game at all. on my pc it shows up as an iso-file size 4.37 gigs(4,699,979,776 bytes) shouldnt it be a dvd file simular to 360 rips? or is this not a true 1 to 1 copy? if not a true copy any help in this area would be app. prior to this i was using the trucha method
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    You need a loader like Gecko, Softchip or Gamma .3 (w/002 fix) to load copies thru the HB channel. If you already have a chip then you should be set. No need to load it thru the HB channel unless there is a problem loading thru the disc channel. Are you trying to load the game thru Gecko?

    Check out some of the tutorials here on the site. They are the best I have found anywhere.

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    actually not sure if i want to load it through gecko what im trying to accomplish is making true 1 to 1 back-ups (will remove chip if nec.) after hearing they might "fix" ios trucha loophole with the next update. my two youngest go through back-ups like water age 4 and 6. and i cant seem to find tuts anywhere on making 1 to1's unless im missing something

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    From the info you posted above I'd say you are doing it right. If you got an ISO file on your PC then use Nero or ImgBurn to burn it. Wahlah, 1:1!


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    great. thanks to all. thumbs up givin at least i think still learning to navigate round these parts (pressed the thumbs up tab lol)


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