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Thread: 2011 error moding 3.1E Wii

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    2011 error moding 3.1E Wii

    Following the guide I'm getting a -2011 error when trying to install WADs. Reading some other posts, it looks like my cIOS is not vulnerable and I need to install IOS36 with the trucha bug. I see there is an option in the MMM installer to install IOS36 however it can't find the file IOS36-64-v3608. The guide had me download v3351 instead. Is this OK to install, and if so, how do i tell the MMM installer to use that file instead?

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    Are you following this guide? If so, why aren't you reading it (fully) and posting your questions there? Also in your case, be aware there are a specific set of subinstructions for System Menu 3.1 or less. System Menu 3.1 already has vulnerable IOS.

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    Ok got past that by telling MMM to load IOS36, then was able to load all WADs, IOS updates and the system menu 4.1E. Now I can't install Priiloader 0.7 from Homebrew channel. it says "cIOS236 isn't identity patched".

    @nightstah, yes I am following that guide exactly. Sorry I will post my questions in that tread.
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    Thread Closed.

    Discussion regarding this issue continued and was resolved HERE.


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