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Thread: Graphics Comparrison- PS4-PS3-360-Wii U for AC4

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    Graphics Comparrison- PS4-PS3-360-Wii U for AC4

    IGN put out a graphics comparison of AC4 for Wii U, PS3, PS4, and 360

    In general PS4 is claimed to have better graphics power than Xbone so not having that in there isn't a big deal.

    Sure PS4 graphics will likely get better over the consoles life cycle and it does have the best graphics in this comparison but I do not think it is that significant.

    I have been hearing that this console generation does not really have that wow factor to the level we have been used to seeing. Ps2 to PS3 was a huge difference going to HD for the first time, but seriously I would be hard pressed to watch some of these and pick out the difference. I don't think just looking at some game footage it will be as immediately obvious what is PS3 and what is PS4.

    What I am thinking is that while the Wii was significantly behind the HD twins last console generation it doesn't seem to be the case based on what I have seen so far. The Wii U will not be as far behind the competition graphically as it was the previous generation in my opinion. Whether or not that is going to matter much is another question. It may make these new consoles be adopted slower than many are predicting. With out that wow factor right now a large portion of consumers may wonder what is the point in upgrading to an expensive non-backward compatible console that has no games.

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    I saw more texture on the PS4 (example the sailor's pants that fell to shore) than on others. The shading appears more detailed on the PS4. I did think some of the cinematics were better on the Wii-U and appeared more cartoonish on the 360 (ship in the water on the pull away from the guy steering the wheel of it out of the harbor). I think there's something for everybody and every console and you're right --- the bump from one generation to the next (at this point in its introductory/launch cycle) is far less dramatic than from previous iterations.

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    difference as always is nominal and u would never notice whilst playing

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    While PS4 is noticeably better than the rest, we have reached a point, it seems, that the graphics don't matter as much. X360 and Wii U are practically the same. Really hoping WiiU doesn't get left behind this year in terms of graphics. I think the GCN was better than the Wii, but the wiiU seems like it has finally caught up. Wii will still be behind them this gen, but the gap is closing slowly as blaisedinsd hinted.


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