Hi all,

So I've finally gotten my wii set up to 95% of where it needs to be. I've gotten wiiflow installed and working, no more crazy [DSI] errors, gotten plugins working, finding my cover art etc. I'm pretty stoked and I can see the finish line!

My problem though comes with mediaplayerce. First and foremost, I could not install the latest version of mplayerce because when I installed any version except r619, when I tried to browse to the usb hard drive I would get a "FAT USB drive not mounted" error. This error goes away when I install r619. Well, the problem is that the .dol file in the wiiflow plugin pack points to the newest version of mplayerce. So since it's pointing to the wrong place, when I select a movie, my wii simply reboots into wiiflow.

I've tried simply tried pointing the plugin to the .dol file from mplayerce r619, however when I select a movie, it then simply opens up mplayerce but doesn't begin the movie. (I have to "rebrowse" for the movie through the mplayerce interface).

So, is there an .dol file out there somewhere that will allow me to use the mplayerce plugin for wiiflow with r619? Or is there someway I can make my own .dol file? Thanks for any and all suggestions you may have!