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    Exclamation Green Screen

    I downloaded this game - donkey kong, extracted with winrar - burnt with ImgBurn - speed 2x. And tried to play it on my USA wii with homebrew channel. There is no colour and the screen in flipping vertically so much that I can't even see anything.

    this happened with another game

    I forced NTSC(I have no idea what that even means) and it worked - colour and no vertical flipping

    I tried it for donkey kong - 2 versions of it and I got a green screen! Any suggestions?!? I have tried forcing others but I still get the vertical flipping and no colour

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    Do you have a modchip? (I'm guessing not but its safer to ask)

    What loader are you using here?

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    no mod chip

    and I believe the loader is gammaloader - it comes up after the homebrew


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