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Thread: USBLoaderGX EmuNand only gives black screens

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    USBLoaderGX EmuNand only gives black screens

    I'm having trouble with the whole EmuNand feature. I've dumped the nand to my SD Card and installed a Wad onto it via USB Loader GX but the game doesn't play. It appears on the channel grid fine but when started gives a black screen then reloads USB Loader GX or just hangs on a black screen.

    USB Loader GX:


    Wii sysCheck:


    Games that were installed on the real nand before dumping it work fine but then if I delete it off the real nand it then stops working (but I want to try and save space on the real nand). Everything else to do with USB Loader GX works fine.

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    That's no wiihacks softmod. Man, I really wish we had an actual guide for proper softmodding. Heck, it'd even be a good thing if we had a genuine USB Loader GX and EmuNAND guide. Oh well, terrible --- simply terrible.

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