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Thread: Wii U gamepad video output

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    Post Wii U gamepad video output

    Is it possible to mirror what is shown on the wii u gamepad to a flatscreen TV via the buttom multi connector on the Wii u gamepad...
    If yes what type of cabel do I need to do so?

    Would like if i somehow could use the HDMI in my TV together with the wii u gamepad.

    This feature would be great for watching Netflix on another tv without having to move the whole console to another room/TV.

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    It would be nice but I don't think there is an output on the gamepad. Plus the range on the gamepad is not very good. I loose connection from upstairs to downstairs.
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    There is some type of port but as of now there is nothing that uses it. Its assumed it is for future accessories but who knows if it could output video.

    I agree the range is pretty limited. I would love if there was some sort of extender or way to increase the range.

    I am not sure how the video out would help you watch could just watch it on the gamepad. It has audio output at least.

    I believe there is a way you can mirror the gamepad on a computer(wirelessly)...there was a release for a program that does that.

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