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Thread: IOS249 Error when installing cIOS Installer

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    IOS249 Error when installing cIOS Installer

    I'm very new to wiihacking and have encountered many problems throughout my short hacking life... I'm at the point now where I have an ISO burned onto a DVD-R and am ready to play but cannot get the programs to run in sync to get it to play. I run cIOS Installer and immediately receive error messages but it continues to progress and it appears to run fine until the 15th step when it comes back with error messages... anyways, I go to AnyTitleDeleter to delete IOS249 when it prompts me too and I only receive error messages and cannot delete IOS249... ANY help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    I just installed it from my sd card. it went on the net installed the files and everything worked for me. i read that you may have to try it a couple of times to get it to work


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