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Thread: getting my kids a ds for birthday/xmas gifts

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    getting my kids a ds for birthday/xmas gifts

    what would be the best way to go. we have a wii running games off the hard drive. now they want a hand held one. yes they are spoiled.. they have ipads and laptops. both have there own. now im thinking of going with the dsi xl so if they break it its not a complete waste of money. is this a good system and ez to mod with whatever chip/card reader thats out so i can let them play there games off sd card( backups)? its been a while since ive been around on this site. so im out of the loop on things. thanks in advance for any tips and ideas.

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    Dsi XL is a great system. The firmware doesn't get updated anymore and just about any modern flashcart will work on it. Get an r4 from a good vendor and you will be good.

    3ds is where all the newer games are though and it's a great system and also plays all ds games. The 2ds is even a good choice especially for younger ones. You will have a harder time getting flashcarts to work because they update the firmware to block them. If you go for a 3ds system I recommend the super card dstwo which is about twice as expensive than an r4 but is much more future proof. If it gets blocked they issue new software to pass it with in a day or two. R4 has been blocked to the point you need a new card with revised hardware.

    There are now limited function 3ds carts to play 3ds games but they require older firmware to work.


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