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Thread: Been away a while, looking for New 2DS help

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    Been away a while, looking for New 2DS help

    Hey guys been away from the scene for a while,i have just purchased a new 2DS for my kid,the FW is 6.0.0-12e...

    Is there an R4 card that works with the New 2DS? I heard the gold 3DS works? Is that correct?

    Also I still have a R4i sdhc card for the older DS, does this work in the New 2DS so I can play all my old homebrew etc? on the new hand held now or is it useless

    thanks for any help

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    Older cards will not work. The newest R4 cards will work, at least until a FW update blocks it.

    R4 is constantly getting blocked on 3DS(2DS) and having to change hardware to get past the block. The first R4 I got ended up being blocked with in 3 months. I do have a newer one that works though too. It is difficult to tell them apart or which version you have.

    Supercard DStwo is more expensive but has more features and never gets blocked. It has better hardware so they usually issue a patch with in a day or so if a new firmware blocks it.

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    recommend you buy either the r4i gold 3ds card ( this one the best r4 card: ) or the dstwo card. both of them are working great on your 2DS console and always can be updated to support the future firmware update.
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    Can i play 3DS games on the 2DS with the new r4i gold card?


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