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Thread: Some questions about EmuNand UNEEK SNEEK FREAK lol

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    Some questions about EmuNand UNEEK SNEEK FREAK lol

    Used ModMii about a year ago to set everything up. Wii and GameCube games on HDD with USB Loader GX and DIOS MIOS. Happy with all that!

    Now I just setup EmuNand from USB Loader GX and all my Genesis, SMS, NES, SNES games seem to work properly. However, most N64 and Neo Geo games freeze and won't work. I even tried installing WAD files with ShowMiiWads.

    So I read for USB VC game compatibility my best bet is UNEEK? Is this correct? Most of the posts I found are rather old. It would be great if I could have everything run in USB Loader GX, but I'm not sure it's possible.

    Also, if someone could point me to a realatively painless tutorial - I'm still part noob lol

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    We do have a guide relating to USB Loader GX and EmuNand --- did you look it over?


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