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Thread: Existing Modded Console Out Of Date Need Chat Help While Re-Modding

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    Existing Modded Console Out Of Date Need Chat Help While Re-Modding

    Hello everyone....

    I am new to the site and basically I have found out that my Wii is out of date. I'm not sure how to check what chip I have or mod version etc. since it was done by someone else. I do have Neogamma which boots my backups of Wii games.

    What I'm trying to accomplish is this....

    1. Be updated to most current version
    2. Be able to play wii backups
    3. Be able to play Gamecube backups on disc previously burned
    4. Be able to keep my emulators and roms that are on my SD card

    I have seen the instruction manual for is my issue....I am not good at this stuff and I feel like if things are done wrong I can end up with a brick for a wii. I'd like if someone can kind of chat with me and help me through it if possible. I know USB loader options are available.....not sure how it works....don't want to be spending extra money on an outdated system......and I already have the hard disc media burned. Anyone that can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much guys.

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    Hand-holding services are something we don't offer. We can answer questions you might have on our guide, which is Softmod Any Wii and linked in my signature.

    Give it a few reads, then if you have any questions, ask them as a reply to the guide and someone will answer.
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