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Thread: Wad Games? (Not asking for links)

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    Wad Games? (Not asking for links)


    I bought my wii two years ago and I modded it and everything. But, do to some commitments I was never able to fully use my wii. Now that I have free time I took out my wii and I inserted my modded usb stick.

    But, Voila, I have forgotten everything about it.

    I was just opening every app on my wii and in the homebrew channel I found this software Wad Manager. I have no idea what it is but on little bit of googling I came to know that it is for playing wad games. As far as I remember, wad are small games. I dont remember whehter they are free or paid?

    So I just want to ask whether Wad games are free or paid? That's it. I am not asking any links. I hope am not breaking any rules

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    It depends on who makes the WAD games. If it is made by a Homebrew developer than chances are it's a free game, but if it's made by say, Nintendo or Sega for example, then it would be a paid app you should get via the Shop Channel. Obtaining a paid app for free would constitute piracy.

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    WADs are components to be installed. The modding process to install cIOSs, IOSs, and channels are WAD files that the WAD manager "installs".

    Any games that are installed from a WAD are usually pirated WiiWare/Virtual Console games that should be bought from Wii Shop Channel, though some "freeware/homebrew" apps may be distributed this way, maybe. You would usually just get the "boot.dol" file and launch those from HBC.
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