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Thread: Internet connection issue: faulty LAN adapter or something else?

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    Internet connection issue: faulty LAN adapter or something else?

    I bought a wii LAN adapter for wired connection off ebay (reputable power seller), and tried to connect to the internet but I got both error codes: 52020 and 52120.

    I've tried manually inputting my IP, subnet mask, gateway and still same error code 52120.

    So I'm wondering how can you tell if the problem is the LAN adapter itself or a setting/internet issue? I haven't left feedback yet for the ebay seller and want to know if this LAN adapter is faulty or if it's another issue before I leave any positive feedback.

    NOTE: The ethernet cable when plugged into my notebook connects to the internet FINE with no problems. But when I plugged it into the LAN adapter for the wii, I'm not able to connect to the net.

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    I've done a lot of research on this problem in the past, and the best I can come up with is that the Wii is very picky about the router. I know it sounds crazy from a tech standpoint, but some routers/switches just dont play well with the Wii. If you have really tried everything, then your best bet is to try a different switch/router. Otherwise have you done all of these things?:

    Are you connecting directly to your modem or a router/switch? If directly, leave your modem unplugged for at least a few minutes before plugging it back in.

    If a router, is your Wii in the DMZ? Furthermore, can you see your Wii's MAC address in the client list? If it is not even in the client list you may be experiencing a hardware failure or your router is not compatible.

    Can you plug the adapter to your PC and it gets recognized and can connect? If so, then the problem is your with Wii or router and not the adapter.

    Sucks to be it your situation, since it is so hard to diagnose the problem. Test the adapter on your PC first. If all goes well try to set up your router to allow the Wii to be in the DMZ. Since no details were provided about the router type/config I cant really go any further as of this point. Hope this helps!

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    Ah, thanks for the reply! I'll test out the adapter and plug it into my desktop right now to see.

    EDIT: well i plugged the adapter into the desktop and it detected it (although failed to find the proper driver to install it), but at least its detected so it means it's working right?

    Maybe it is because I don't have it directly plugged into the modem/router. I'm at work so I'm using an ethernet cable that just comes out from the floor (most likely it is not directly connected to the modem). But when I plug it into my notebook, internet access works fine. Why wouldn't it work in the wii? Is the will also picky about this?
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