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Thread: Looking for a soft mod

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    Looking for a soft mod

    I am from Hamilton,Ontario Canada and I am looking for a place that does softmodding for the wii could anyone suggest a place

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    Don't know any places, but why not do it yourself, using this wonderful guide?

    It's easy enough, and works great once you follow the instructions properly.

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    Hey C.
    i am in London and I just did my wii tonight with no issues. You can pm me if you have questions and I'd give you my email address.

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    Ok thanks thakkrad,Now I did already post here just to show you what type of mod my wii can do.I am just alittle confused after reading the guide its not like a iphone jailbreak like absinthe or spirit and I am better with hands on stuff not textbook so I can use all the help I can get

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    Well for starters I picked up two 2G SD Cards from staples for $11. I put all the mods on one, and I used the other one for the bootmii, hackmii, and the Lego Star Wars save game hack. Then I was able to save the nand from my wii onto this same card. It just sped up the process a little bit.

    Everything was straight forward from the guide. Kudos to the authors of that. The recommendations to read it through two or three times is required, because once you see it, and read it while it is in front of you is most helpful.

    I am happy wiht the USB Loader GX, and want to get rid of all the other ones, but that is a topic for another thread.

    I could message you later tonight if you want to start it say after 9pm.

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    ok well I got the SD card same place it was hard to find i went to walmart and target then decided staples anyways here is my model number LU62899938 0 for starters and I would like to have a actual DVD copy if I can instead of a SD card if not then a SD card is fine and a softmod is what I want not a hard mod

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    Look guy... by your haphazard posts, it has become clear to us that you have no business attempting this. Find someone who can follow direction --- for your Wii's sake if nothing else. Also, look here:

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    I've looked at guide like 6 times USB HD isn't in the guide yes I got my answer being a older model it can play backups BUT I'M STILL confused as far as how the guide is setup the instructions on how to soft modded aren't the greatest I'm sorry its not good for someone that isn't a textbook guy

    plain simple instructions would be nice how to USB HD my wii not drop down after drop down of stuff
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    1) Don't double post. Edit your last post if you want to add additional information to your last un-replied post (or wait 24 hours, then you can reply to yourself.

    2) Softmod Any Wii guide isn't about doing anything with a hard drive. It's our starting modding guide that we want everyone to do before doing anything else. We have other guides that deal with how to do other things. FAT32 guide, for example, will tell you how to set up and how to install the games to it.

    So start off with Softmod Any Wii guide, then look into FAT32 and any other guide that may interest you.

    The guides are all "plain and simple instructions". Step-by-step, sometimes even with pictures, depending on the guide. It doesn't come any easier than that, other than hand-holding, which is a service we don't provide. If that's what you are after, seek your significant other.
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    I'm not interested in playing nes snes games just DVD backup's of my wii games I have thats all

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