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    Hello everybody!

    I've registered long time ago when I had problems hacking some of my friends wii...back then, this forum helped me alot! I decided to make a new introduction (or the first one, cant really remember) cause the last time I've been here was 10-02-2010!

    Since then, I've used my Wii to play many games, but now, not so much. Recently I tried to re-hack my Wii since I updated to 4.3, but it seems every website/information I get is down or outdated (hackmii / wiibrew / letterbomb / modmii )!

    I've come once more to this forum, hoping to rehack my black wii, cleaning all the BS in the SD card, and installing some cool wad's to turn the Wii into a Media Center, cause it's the only game console I have (I guess my SEGA Mega Drive doesnt count, ).

    I'll begin my quest searching this forum like a

    Cheers to you all. Thank you.

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    Here's the softmod any wii guide :

    If my memory serves, it will also add wii MC

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    That's exactly the guide I followed...and now I've a fully operating black wii full of goodies...!!

    I've already watched movies from "MyBookLive" (external disk) through WiiMC with no trouble whatsoever configuring it (Used smb mode, the 'share name' must be exactly the same as the share, i.e. case sensitive) !!

    I should have remembered this forum sooner....;D

    Thank you nonetheless for your reply! Cheers.


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