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Thread: Hard Drive wont load

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    Hard Drive wont load

    Hey all, I have suddenly got an issue with my hard drive. I unplugged the wii and everything as well as the hard drive to move it to a different TV. Now when I load USB Loader GX, it goes through its loading sequence and then stops at loading "waiting for HDD" and the 20 second countdown. In the past if for some reason I had to unplug the hard drive or whatever and got that message I could simply unplug the hard drive and plug it back in to reset it and sync. Does anyone have any idea what my issue is here? Please help.

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    After the countdown I get an error-USB device not found. Switching to channel list mode. Its like as if the hard drive is empty. So weird.

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    Do you have it plugged in the right usb port? The closest to the edge!

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    Yes I do, so weird that its doing this.

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    Hook it up to your pc and see if everything is still there. Is the hdd formated as wbfs or fat32?

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