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Thread: Is there a way to boost the antenna or the signal in between WiiU and Gamepad

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    Is there a way to boost the antenna or the signal in between WiiU and Gamepad


    I did not find any topic on this subject.

    Anyone know if there is a way to boost the WiiU antenna or signal sent to the WiiU Gamepad so that we can play further from the console with a good clean reception?

    Looking for a hack on WiiU Console. Like adding a WIFI antenna or boosting the signal.

    I am having a good reception in my room, but a bad one in my kids room. It is a room right next to ours, it's just a little further from the console. I can only play in one small specific area of the kids room, and it's not really convenient for kids! :O)

    (Just for information, the WiiU is in the living room, the WIFI router is about 20 feets from the console at about an angle of 35 degree from the console. Rooms are straight, directly in front. The WiiU is on top of the furniture right under the HDTV. I have no other components around that is asking for WIFI, to the exception of my Wii console(which is always power off when playing WiiU). It is hard for me to put the WiiU console a better place than it actually is to get the maximum distance for Gamepad reception. I also want to to keep the WiiU console in the living room, this is why I am looking for a way to boost the antenna or signal.)

    Anyone can help or direct me?

    Thank you very much!

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    I would be interested if this could be done. I don't think anything exists to accomplish this right now. Best solution right now is to move the console. You just need to plug I. The power cord, don't need a tv.

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    I found this in my research. It's a WIFI antenna mod for the Wii. Looks like the size matters in this case! Because even with a small antenna, there was no gain.


    You are right in some way, but I have a HDMI splitter that sends the hdmi signal to the tv in the living room and in the kids room(i.e. WiiU). So they can play in their room on the big screen with the Gamepad! Leaving the console in the living room where I like to have it!
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