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Thread: USB Loader GX (or any loader) and HDD vs SD

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    USB Loader GX (or any loader) and HDD vs SD

    Hi guys, my first post - so first off thanks for all the work you've done & info available here - cool stuff.

    I've only had a Wii a year (got it for my 2 young boys), but grew up on early game systems incl NES and have always been a recreational gamer. Not wanting to get hardcore on mods, but really looking forward to the kids & I not having to use discs anymore and have everything available from the menus.

    I've spent several hours searching & reading through lots of guides & posts, and I've still got a few questions...

    > Red 4.3 Wii, followed the "Softmod ANY Wii Guide", installed just fine. (I didn't downgrade from 4.3 bcs I hadn't registered & couldn't download the file at that moment).
    > 1TB USB-powered Seagate drive, partitioned to ~250 GB FAT 32 and 700 GB NTFS. (was thinking/hoping I could using NTFS portion for movies or other non-Wii related storage).
    > I have been focused on using USB Loader GX (but I'd be fine to switch if another loader would fit my needs better).
    > At this point I have only loaded 1 game on the HDD, so I have a blank slate.

    QUESTION 1: Can I use the HDD to store ALL of the needed files (games, images, etc), or do I still need to keep the SD card? If I can use only HDD, how exactly (what steps do I take)?
    I've read: -That USB Loader GX has stability issues if everything is moved to HDD (but this was for GX 2.3)
    -That it IS possible but only if there is an "additional FAT 32 partition" (but this was for an older version guide about using a WBFS format partion I think).
    (If I CAN safely use HDD for all, I don't need a separate small FAT 32 partion for apps, images, etc, for any reason do I?

    QUESTION 2: Does the issue of running GX as a channel or with a forwarder (not entirely sure on my terminology here) come into play with Question #1?
    I've read the pros & cons of using both ways...but do you have any additional or more current recommendation about this?

    QUESTION 3: I read somewhere that if you removed the SD card and access USB Loader GX, all of your games disappear. Any truth or half truth to that?
    Again, this was a post for an earlier version. (But if this is true SOMEBODY ought to post a warning for us noobs in the Guides!) The post indicated this is why you use the "lock" feature?

    QUESTION 4: How do I find out what version of USB Loader GX I am currently running?
    Didn't see it anywhere from within the GX menus.

    Bottom line - I'm looking for something stable & that the kids & I can both use.
    Thanks in advance for the help!
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