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    WBFS Help

    I believe my HDD is WBFS and I use USB Loader. I have two games that are not working correctly. I turned on WBFS Manger 3.0 and it does not recognize my drive. It has been awhile since I have done anything on her. Can someone advise me how to remove the games and reload the games back onto the HDD via the USB loader. I can see the game folder on the my computer under drives. Can I just click on the game there and delete? Thank you

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    Correction my HDD is Fat 32 so that is why WBFS manger wont work. Can I just click on the game folder and click delete and then hook HDD back up to wii and go into usb Loader and install the game?Thanks

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    Yeah, that will do the trick however the issue may not be the game file but the wii system, is your system up to date?
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