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Thread: Revisiting an old modded system

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    year ago i softmodded my wii
    and was all ok until recently it all went wrong and wont load via hdd anymore
    i think drive is at fault
    but i have a few issues i want to resolve
    1. when booting i get bootmii then i get priiloader then menu . i have an sd card in , if i remove card all i get is 4.2 eur in bottom corner??? so wii wont work?
    what have i done?
    2.resolution is poor as in not very clear at all almost fuzzy
    3. my external hdd is recognised using wbfs manager and in neogamma but wont load any games or windows wont recognise and says needs formatting.

    i cant remember how/what i did all those years ago - please some one help me

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    I moved your post to a new thread of its own instead of letting you reply to a 3-year-old thread.

    Windows won't know what to do with a WBFS-formatted hard drive, so it asking you to format is normal. We don't suggest people use WBFS anymore as USB loaders have known how to use FAT32 and NTFS for many years. We have guides for FAT32 and NTFS to show recommended methods of formatting your hard drive along with methods to install games to them.

    If your system has been modded "years ago", then it is likely out of date and you are using loader apps that are no longer current. I'd suggest you go through Softmod Any Wii guide to re-mod your system to get it current and get current versions of the apps.

    Links to all guides mentioned are in my signature.

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