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Thread: Some good old Nintendo fun

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    Some good old Nintendo fun

    Well I'm back from my fun trip, it was great. Got to play some demos of upcoming games from Nintendo and now I'm even more excited, I also now want to get Pikmin 3 lol. So I'll give a little run down.

    Pokémon X & Y:

    I've been saying for a while now, I loved Pokémon back during the days of Red/Blue and Gold/Silver but started to lose the love after that. I've played and even own some of the newer ones, but I was never really excited for a Pokémon game after Gold/Silver. The more I read about X & Y the more I got more excited for it. Everything appeared to be a big step up. The new battle animations, the ability to move in any direction (no longer just up, down, left and right), Mega Evolutions which are not only awesome looking but are super strong! And the graphics, which usually don't make and difference to me, look amazing. And then, I got to play the demo. Everything about this game I thought would re-spark my interest in the Pokémon games did just what I thought it would. I haven't yet played the actual game though I do have it now but I am really looking forward to it.

    The Legend of Zelda - A Link Between Worlds:

    What you can say about this one? Zelda is regarded as one of the best gaming series ever, especially among Nintendo fans, and to finally get a new entry into the top down style is beyond amazing. It's true that the 3rd person games have given us a great experience and definitely upped the story telling level with use of cut scenes (Skyward Sword seemed to make best use of this) but still those who grew up on the older Zelda's from the pre-N64 days always hoped we'd see another top down game. Now here comes Link Between Worlds, and what better world to set the game in than that of Link to the Past, which is largely hailed as the best of the 2D Zelda's. This game takes what the classic top down Zelda's did and expands upon it in a few ways. Playing the demo never gave me the feeling the 3D was there as a simple gimmick as some 3D games have done. When you hammer down something, stand on it and shoot up to the next floor you really get that sense of depth and it looks and feels great. The addition to move along the walls proves helpful in solving some puzzles or helping you out of a sticky situation and you may find yourself using it a lot, even if you don't really need to.


    It's great to see Nintendo stepping up there game (so to speak) so much and offering such great experiences for their followers and I really hope to see this follow suit onto the Wii U. Wii U seems to be fairing a bit better with Wind Waker HD but God knows it still needs help, especially if Nintendo can get 3rd party devs to stop being so skeptical of what the system can do.

    Anyway, that's all I got for now. I did play some of the Wii U demos too of course so perhaps I'll make a post (or edit this one) to include my experience with those too.

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