Recently, I updated my softmod via the "Softmod Any Wii" tutorial on this site. Great guide! I finally thought I had found a good NAND emulation solution with Neek2o. Unfortunately, I can't get the mode to launch. I followed AbdallahTerro's "EmuNand and Neek2o Made Easy" noob guide on another site, yet I am unable to get into Neek2o by any means: SM forwarder channel (gives the error message I mentioned); Wiiflow 4.2 (just freezes on a black screen when I try to either launch from my real NAND or exit to Neek2o mode); Postloader4 (black screen when I try to select "Neek Mode"). I followed the guide exactly but opted for a 4.3U SM with Modmii, and I followed the advice of the "Softmod Any Wii" tutorial by downgrading my real NAND SM to 4.1U. Has anyone run into this or a similar problem? I'd really like to get Neek2o up and running.