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Thread: SaveGame Managers

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    Angry SaveGame Managers

    None of the SaveGame managers I find work. I can extract my saves fine, but I can't install them.
    I am on 4.3E. I am using a 16gb SDHC card. I also tried these with a 2gb SD card aswell, but its the same effect.
    The game I am using is Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City! (PAL!)

    SaveGame Manager GX: Unable to Copy Datas
    SaveGame Manager Mod: Error! RET= -1
    SaveGame Installer: Says its done it, but really, nothings happened.
    Everything else: Error! RET= -1

    Yes, I already have a save installed on my wii. I've tried it with and without a save. 2gb SD and 16gb SDHC. Nothing works.

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    You posted at 3AM or 6AM or somewhere in between depending on time zone, US time. Most of the staff was sleeping. The rules you accepted this morning includes a line that we do not allow double-posting. So settle down.

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    Yep, that's a great first post. I'm betting he didn't follow a wiihacks guide with that result...

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