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Thread: Not new but have been on forums looking

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    Us Not new but have been on forums looking

    I have been on just browsing the forums for a while. I thought I might stop in finally and say hello. I am still wondering if people still play certain games online with just the wii? Not the WIIU. If so what games do you have that are multiplayer?

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    I did know a site that had ids and all. That is for people playing the games. I just don't recall it. Along with anyone still play wii games. I just looked and there is a new version of wiiflow. I am kinda worried it might brick it. Could someone verify that it won't? If installed correctly.

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    Using a modded Wii online will not brick it. The only think that could brick it after modding is if you try to update the system via Disc Update or Online Update (found in the settings menu). Avoid those and update the system manually using out guides

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