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Thread: Anyone Have Experience with Dell's Streak 7 in Terms of Power Port Replacement?

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    Anyone Have Experience with Dell's Streak 7 in Terms of Power Port Replacement?

    I got a Dell Streak 7 off craigslist for $25 knowing it would not power up. These things are notorious in terms of Dell's proprietary 30 pin power connector going bad. I've found an article or two about replacing it with a standard Micro-USB adapter. This would require removal of the 30 pin connector, a gluing in of the Micro-USB port, and soldering four small wires to four connection ports on the Streak's PCB. My soldering skills are non-existent.

    What I want to know is anyone willing to experiment that has the necessary skills? I'd be willing to cover shipping to and back, but let's be honest: early 2011 tech, I'd not want to pay anything exorbitant to get the job done (about $25). Any takers? Article I am referring to:

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    I am thinking Krafter or Deadlyfoez, or streamlinehd. Should be simple for any of them. But you already know that.
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    Streamline's been MIA both sites a good amount of time. I did PM Krafter about it (and via ModCP, shooting him an email as well). DF, that's kind of a Pandora's box --- but I do see why you mentioned him.
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    I was able to get a replacement part for a nexus 7 for same reason. Is the actual part available? Like leaving the Dell connector?

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    Nope, but you can get a similar (not exact) piece for the Dell Streak 5. I luv my Nexus 7 (the @!$#@% then bumped it to Gen 2 --- makes me feel like Apple with that move - I got Gen 1).


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