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Thread: WiiMC vs Mplayer CE vs Geexbox

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    WiiMC vs Mplayer CE vs Geexbox

    Which in everyones opinion is the best for viewing files from a usb hard drive(NTFS)with the wii. Ive noticed I've had issues with one player not liking a file and not playing it correctly, while the other does ok. I used to think the file had to be a certain format type(avi, mp4) but that isnt the case. Why would some files play correctly and some not. By not play correctly I would say the screeen is all distorted, as well as sound/audio synch.
    I'm by far not a pro on this but would like some opinions.

    Also to piggyback on that question, my number 1 app I do use is wiimc because of the youtube search feature built in. So I use this feature a lot, but it crashes quite a bit upon clicking a search. Having to wait 8 seconds to reload, eventually a file my play, or I may just give up. Any thought on that? Sometimes when playing my files straight for the HD it does this as well.

    Thanks for the help and im so glad I've found this forum.

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    Based on your other post, perhaps it's a lack of bandwidth? The symptoms of distortion and sync issues generally point to that.

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    I dont think its bandwidth, because these files are on a hard drive and arent streamed. They also play fine on the computer when the HDD is connected.

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    There are restrictions on some types, sizes, and formats of media. That could be how the player handles them (which will vary). NTFS support may also be an issue (again, which could relate to how the given media player handles it). Be aware, I'll be the first to admit it my Wii isn't my go-to device for streaming (yeah, even off USB HD) --- so my advice isn't gospel, but makes a certain logical sense (deductive).
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