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Thread: ISO image wont load

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    ISO image wont load


    I burned wii game ISO image on x2 on a DVD-R Sony 120min/4.7GB AccuCORE 16x/1x using using Mac disk utility but it wont load on Neogamma/USBloadergx/wiiflow.
    I need to use another software to burn the iso image on mac or change the DVD-Rs?

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    We generally suggest Verbatim DVD-R with Azo Dye. Your post though well-meaning, substantially lacks any specifics. Newer Wiis don't even read burned media AT ALL. Did you follow OUR guide for softmodding? Can you confirm if your Wii is even capable of playing burned media?

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    Thank you for the recomendation on the Verbatim DVD-R with Azo Dye! Just finished reading the guide for softmodding again and saw the part where its says: "Loading From Disc-
    If you have a Wii purchased after mid to late 2009 it will not be able to read backup discs. Backup discs must be loaded from a disc loader, such as Neogamma. They will not work from the discchannel unless you have installed Darkcorp."
    so my wii wont be capable of playing burned media unless i install Darkcorp?

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    I always that that it won't be able to read it burned media at all if it's a newer system. Darkcorp or not. I may be wrong though.

    We suggest USB loading over burned media as any Wii (except Wii Mini) can do that when properly modded.
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    No, DarkCorp on a newer Wii will not magically allow for backups to load. If your Wii is newer than that, USB is your only option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    If your Wii is newer than that, USB is your only option.
    Can't agree with that - you can swap drive from older wii (what I've done) so new Wii will be capable to read burned dvd and play dvd movies So USB is not only option - but easiest and fastest

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    Depends. If he's got a D4 revision, the PCB is physically smaller and an older board is no longer a drop-in replacement (in terms of physical dimension). Any D3-2 board --- which is the previous revision --- can be done in the fashion you mention.

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    I've changed whole drive - didn't play with swapping PCB I have D4 drive and changed to D2C. Drive is drive - it's one size.

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    It's the PCB that's the thing that needs swapped --- not the optical drive itself. Trust me on this... that is extremely bad information.


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