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Thread: Wii GameCube games loads black screen

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    Wii GameCube games loads black screen

    Hey i ordered a gamecube controller for my wii so i can play gamecube games but all this time i tried playing gamecube with out the controller and when i load the game from the disk channel it goes the a black screen now i always though this happanes becuase there is no gamecube controller pluged into the console but after looking at the internet i sew that people having this problem and the people how answer tham back wont mention anything about the controller so all i want to know is if the problem realy is the controller or my wii just doesnt work with gamecube games btw I got my wii in 2009 and i herd the new model isnt compatible with gamecube games also im playing burned games

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    Your post is a jumble (talks a lot, but doesn't say much). Did you follow this softmod guide? How are you attempting to load GC games? If via say NeoGamma, are you following this guide?

    If your Wii has GameCube ports and does play Wii backups via DVD optical drive, then that's not the problem. You could always post a SysCheck - details on how to do and the program itself can be found here.

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