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Thread: Return 4.1 softmodded Wii to virgin via official system update

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    Return 4.1 softmodded Wii to virgin via official system update


    I want to sell my softmodded Wii and hence I don't want it be modded in anyway. I would like to return it to its virgin state. Now, I already know there are solutions to revert it back to virgin at the current system version without having to update (i.e. 4.1), but the last time I've done it was quite a hassle and I was afraid doing something wrong could brick the console.

    So I was thinking if I could just update the system version to 4.3 (or whatever the latest version is) via official system update, would it get rid of all the softmods and return the system to virgin state? Would the person on the other end know if it was ever softmodded? Would the console work without problems?

    The Wii will never have to be softmodded again.


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    Post a syscheck here in this thread. A how-to guide is below in my sig.


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