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Thread: Intermittent system files corrupted message.

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    Intermittent system files corrupted message.

    As the title says, my Wii gives me the "System files are corrupted" message" when I turn it on. However, if I keep turning it on and off, it will eventually go away. It runs flawlessly until I shut it down and go to use it the next time in which case I have to repeatedly turn it off and on until the error goes away and it starts running again. Not sure if something went wrong with the soft mod and I should just start from scratch again or if it's a hardware issue and the Wii is dying. I haven't installed anything new in months. Haven't even played much games with it. Mostly just watch movies lately. Any advice as to where to start would be appreciated. I'm definitely a newb so, I don't know the lingo but, I can follow instructions and tutorials easy enough.

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    Thanks for the reply. Things went from bad to worse. Ended up doing a Nand Restore and doing the mod all over again but, things seem to be working now so far.


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