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Thread: Just finished mod and it's frozen up.

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    Just finished mod and it's frozen up.

    Hi. I just finished modding my Wii by following the "Guide: Softmod Any Wii" thread. I used Homebrew. After I was done following the guide, the first thing I tried to do was install Homebrew Browser, and it has frozen. My screen just says:


    Then a bunch of code, then

    some more code, then

    more code

    That's it. What should I do? Reset? Repower? I'm asking because I'm a newbie and don't want to do anything wrong. Thanks!!

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    Two things. First, I edited my last post in thread to advise you. Secondly, you posted in the Wii-U section. I shall close this thread. Also, be aware as per site rules you are to wait 24 hours before bumping your post, creating additional threads, or asking the same thing elsewhere on site.


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