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Thread: usbloadergx/CFGloader/Wiiflow returns to system menu

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    usbloadergx/CFGloader/Wiiflow returns to system menu

    Hello, I just followed the Guide: Softmod ANY Wii step by step but when I try to open usbloadergx/CFGloader/Wiiflow it returns to system menu.
    My Wii version is 4.3u, the cios versions im not sure because i dont know how to find it.
    Before I followed the guide this is all what happen: I followed a guide at failtube? sorry didnt know about wiihacks before. Everything was working fine and was using usb loader gx to play my wii backups, but the other day I did a backup of my Mario and Sonic at London Olympics with USB loader GX and couldnt play it beacuse when I load it a white screen appeared and nothing else happens. My kid put the disc to play it then he tried to update it (thats what he told me) I didn't see it. Tehn I try to open the USB loader gx again it showed a black screen with some commands but didnt load no more. Then I decided to do the guide at wiihacks and this is my problem now. The only one working fine is the NeoGamma app, and thats how I'm playing my backups now.

    Thank You.

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    Are you trying to launch the games from HBC? or from the forwarder channels in the Wii Menu?

    If from Wii Menu, you likely don't have the apps on your SD card. Go through Chapter 3 of softmod Any Wii guide again to install App Pack v5 correctly to your SD card.

    If you see the apps in HBC and trying to launch them from there and it fails, then something else is wrong, start with a syscheck and post the info here so we can see what your system looks like.

    Guides to both Softmod Any Wii and softmod are in my signature.
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    I'm trying to launch the games from the fowarder channels in the wii menu, because when i go to the HBC there's nothing there. I just downloaded the App pack V5 and extract it to the SD card ok, I'll go through Chapter 3 again and do all the steps and see if it works. Thank you. Here is my syscheck


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    If you don't see the apps in the Homebrew Channel, you didn't extract the app pack correctly. Don't put it in a different folder first, don't extract it to a folder called app pack, extract it directly to the SD card.

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    It works, thank you all : )


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