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Thread: Bakugan acts like PAL

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    Bakugan acts like PAL

    I have softmodded my system using the guides posted here and I have downgraded the system menu, as per the suggestions, to 4.1. All other games work fine.

    I am attempting to run Bakugan. First, I loaded it to my harddrive using USBLoaderGX. That went smoothly. When I run the game off the hard drive through USBLoader, I get a black and white rolling image, as if the sync signals are missing or as if I were trying to use a PAL signal on an NTSC set. I get the same issue when I try to run the game directly off the disc through USBLoader.

    If I run the game directly off the disc through the Wii Channel Main Page, the game runs perfectly. This is an NTSC game running on an NTSC system, so why does it act like it isn't?

    And on a (maybe) related note... does the 4.1 menu system have any effect on whether or not HomeBrew games run? I downloaded a few, like Commander Keen, off the HBC and I want to think that I remember them running fine. I have since, as I said, downgraded the system menu to 4.1 and none of the HBC games work anymore. Is there anything I can do about that?


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    Have you tried selecting the video option "Force NTSC" in the USB Loader config, just to see if it helps?
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    Yup... that did the trick. I didnt know about that setting. And if I had, I wouldn't have thought that the system would have tried to play it incorrectly. Thank you!


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