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Thread: Update V6.3.0-12 & flash carts

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    Update V6.3.0-12 & flash carts

    Although I read that the new update (V6.3.0-12U) does not affect the R4i Gold 3DS cart, after I updated, my cart stopped working

    Anyone else ran into this problem and/or have a fix? I use my 3DS as my electronic dictionary, and it really helps at work...

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    As I know the supper DS two cards can directly support the 3ds v6.3.0-12 ,and also many other cards like r4i gold pro,r4i sdhc dual core cards ,r4i sdhc silver cards ,r4i 3d all can support 3ds v6.3.0-12.only bloacked cards:r4i -sdhc rts , Ace 3ds plus.


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