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Thread: Black Screen Possible Brick

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    Us Black Screen Possible Brick

    I'm sort of an old timer on Wii Hacks and I have been out of the circle for sometime now anyway, my wii was fully modded and someone in the household hit the update(bad move) now my wii has a black screen and does not play Any games.
    I would like to at least be able to get my wii back to factory settings.
    If you are willing to help I'm teachable, I will also need files and or programs.
    I do have some files like

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    Unfortunately you cannot restore the Wii U vWii's NAND...sorry

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    So should I just toss it out and rebut?

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    Depends .. did you brick your Wii U? or your Wii?

    You posted in the Wii U section. If this is the case, then you're likely out of luck in the vWii department, but the system should still run Wii U games just fine.

    If you are talking about a Wii, then you posted in the wrong section. Let us know and we can move it into the right place and maybe you can get some help getting that working again.
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    I'm talking about the Wii not Wii U pls move

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    Moved to Bricked section...

    Do you know if bootmii was installed as boot2 or as an IOS? If you are uncertain, power on the Wii and watch the blue disc light closely. If it flashes two time very quickly you have a boot2 Wii.

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    If someone like mauifrog can't help you (mind his advice, he knows his bricks), you could always contact Krafter. He's a NAND reprogrammer and for a fee and provided you have your NAND keys, can fix your Wii.

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