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Thread: problem with wiisx switching disc, trying to by pass with epsxe

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    problem with wiisx switching disc, trying to by pass with epsxe

    forgive me if this is the wrong fourm, or even the wrong site as its not about hacking the wii, please point me in the right direction if you can

    ok so im playing chrono cross on wiisx, i get to the end of the first disc no problems, then it asks me to switch disc, the loading thing in the top right corner stops spining and it dosnt work when i try

    (if there is an fix for this, that would be great, as it will make the rest of this post redundant,and i couldnt find one via google)

    so anyways i had this great idea(or so i thought) to see if i could use the save file on epxe to switch the disc, than put it back on my wii

    so i pop my SD card in the computer open wiisx>saves and there is like ten files, so i sort by date assuming the last one was my last save

    it was called* so i switch it over to memory card file on espxe and have to change its name to epxe000.mcr

    worked perfect i load up the file, switch to disc 2, save, now this is where im stuck

    the reason i put a * over the .mcd file in this post and will continue to do so is because i may have screwed up the number order in the name switching it back and fourth

    so i rename espx000.mcr to* and pop it back on my SD card, and into the wii, i load up chrono cross and the save file that i opened with espxe and saved again is gone, but all the others are still there i made about 5 or 6 save in different spots in chrono cross, and i havnt played any other games yet

    the weird thing is, if i change the name back too epsxe000.mcr , epsxe sees the save file for disc2 , but named, the wii only sees the other ones that are for disc1

    my wiisx save folder currently looks like this*

    so do you think its only cause i screwed up the numbers in the file? or did i miss something when trying this? do i have to mybe use a different file then the 01041 on the epsxe?
    i also dont know why some of the files are in caps and some arnt

    newthing i noticed, when i load disc one, the save *IS* there, but when i load disc 2, it says no data on memory card

    so now i think its just something simple, like renaming the file to show up to the game

    does wiisx, use a different memory card for each game/disc?


    figured it out today

    i loaded up disc one this time and the saves were there

    so i loaded up disc 2 and they went

    i figured it had to do with the file name

    i know i recognized that SLUS01041 stuff from somewhere so i googled chrono cross slus01041 and got gamefaqs game info page

    theres the answer

    the original us release were

    disc one is called SLUS01041

    And disc 2 is called SLUS01080

    So i changed to

    and my game file appeared-- yay

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